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My extended family was full of cooks and bakers. Needless to say, there wasn’t a day that passed where my mother wasn’t at the stove cooking the food one of my aunts peeled or another chopped. During weekly Sunday gatherings, my grandmother baked homemade delights to place on the formal dining table. Sundays never disappointed as the scent of roast beef, gravy, and delectable desserts wafted through the air; beckoning our large family and frequent guests to dinner.

I traveled the globe in search of finding additional “real” food experiences and embraced cooking in respects to its creation and ethnicity. My travels exposed me to French cuisine in Paris, crepe making in Brittany, and tapas and paella making in Spain. I even learned the art of incorporating flowers and herbs into California cuisine, baking authentic cottage pie in Ireland, and how to master the arduous process of making Mexican tamales. Although my culinary journey taught me a great deal, it didn’t teach me the most important component of a meal. My family showed me a meal’s most important characteristic is the experience; the togetherness and love so inherently entwined in the entire process.

Over time families have shifted away from home-cooked meals to fast food. My exposure to the simple comforts of home and real food provided me a valuable life lesson in appreciation, specifically deep family and food connections focused on the importance of incorporating fresh ingredients into all my culinary creations.

The stories, dreams, and life lessons shared and passed around tables, as often as second helpings, is the foundation for what I offer my customers. Along with my amazingly talented team, my new culinary adventure is truly a testament to my mother and all she made with love and deep appreciation. I wish to share this sentiment with patrons and the cuisine we create for them.

~ Karen Baker

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