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Farm Station understands the bee connection to our food supply

Farm Station Cafe’s dedication to environmentally friendly, sustainable food sourcing is ingrained into all ingredients our staff utilizes in the foods we prepare and serve. Like family connections around food, we realize there is an important connection our food has with the environment and a healthy ecosystem. We appreciate, respect and wish to assist pollinator roles in our local area to help sustain our food supply.

Michigan State University stated on their website: “It has often been said that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat.” Farm Station realizes without the honey bee, our food supply could be negatively impacted, so we do our part to help these vital creatures survive.

While constructing Farm Station Cafe Karen Baker (owner) turned to Julie Broaddhus, co-founder of Old Bust Head and landlord for the building which houses Farm Station Cafe. Julie said, “Our daughter Finley is the inspiration behind the garden. Finely was passionate about the environment and established a fund called Finley’s Green Leap Forward fund before we lost her to cancer. Through her fund, Finley has donated over $150,000 to environmental organizations since 2014 and continues to grow.”

Through Finley’s Green Leap Forward Fund, Julie selected native plants for the landscape for seasonal appeal, as well as their low maintenance qualities. More importantly, Farm Station and Julie collaborated to ensure plants were chosen for their beneficial attributes and to support the bees.

Honey bee populations are on the decline due to lack of food and habitat resources, pesticides, and from the mysterious colony collapse disorder. Farm Station supports and encourages a healthy environment for these important pollinators. And maybe, just maybe, we will help the precious honey bee survive.

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