We are excited to join the food revolution of real food and clean eating while supporting what we have been doing for years in our sister company, A la Carte Catering, nourishing our community with fresh, healthy meals made from scratch.  Now with our café, we have the opportunity to do even more to help sustain our environment and minimize our footprint by supporting our local farmers, buying in season, growing our own herbs and flowers to bring back the pollinators, especially our beloved honey bee.

Why the bee?  Our busy bees aren’t as busy as they once were mainly because of the use of pesticides, and some honey bees are already extinct.  We enjoy so many of our delicious crops because of the bee.  1/3 of our food supply is pollinated by mainly the honey bee which equates to every 4th bite of food we eat. We believe it is our responsibility as chefs and food lovers, to help bring awareness, create a living habitat, plant bee friendly plants, use local honey throughout and menu, and chose farm partners whose sustainable practices lend support to higher biodiversity and better bee health.

80% of our ingredients are local, pasture-raised, organic, free of GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and chemicals. We’ve designed out menu to satisfy our broad base of customers to include vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and paleo options. We hope you enjoy your experience and we welcome your feedback.

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Here’s to real food and its simple comfort.

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