Jessie believes in utilizing rotational grazing practices which is the best environment for the animals on the farm, improves land fertility, and yields nutritious meat and eggs. Whiffletree Farm’s beef cattle are 100 percent grass fed, and the farm does use genetically modified feed for its turkeys, broiler chickens, pigs, and laying hens. Whiffletree Farm’s core principles are to humbly let nature be the guide and benefit all parties involved.

Rebecca Snyder

Junco Hill Farms

Jessie Straight

Whiffletree Farm

Rebecca grew up on a farm where most, if not all, food she ate came from their land. Junco Hill Farms is how Rebecca pays tribute to her roots. Her mission is to bring the notion of farm-to-table practices into everyday life in a sustainable, responsible manner. Every practice on premises is dedicated to sustainability of the environment. Junco Hill Farms focuses on producing humanely raised free-range chicken, turkey, pork, cattle, and goats.

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