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About Farm Station

Modern lives are demanding with little time to spare for quality family moments or fresh home cooked meals. We understand why fast food is now more popular than ever, but we also know you want more from your meals: nutrition, excellent taste, and high quality ingredients. We pride ourselves in responsibly sourced, bright-flavored food. One important guiding principle we offer is to connect people to the food they eat.


Like the heart of a home, the center of our café IS indeed the kitchen. Our culinary team truly has a deep love and passion for their work. Sharing this appreciation with customers is important and our team is more than happy to share tips with our customers.

Farm Station Cafe invites you to linger after you dine. Our establishment is designed for you to feel like you are at home, so reflect on special times, relax, and enjoy our comfortable setting, food, and those you are with. If you wish to order our cuisine, but prefer to eat in your own home, we do offer dining out services. Farm Station Cafe’s fresh, delectable, and unique experience is one we hope you share with others.



Karen’s family was full of cooks and bakers. Sunday gatherings always beckoned family and friends to to the table and emphasized home-cooked meals. The knowledge of using fresh ingredients and culinary creations resonated with her throughout her personal and professional life. She even traveled the world to further her education on international cuisine and the importance of fresh ingredients used in meal creations. Along her journey, Karen learned there is a deep connection, a shared experience, made between people and the food which is served. Her breadth of experience both in the kitchen and beyond made her realize her desire to share the togetherness and love so inherently entwined in a home-cooked meal shared with family and friends.


Ultimately Karen created Farm Station to enable others to enjoy the emphasis of quality, fresh ingredients paired with charming aesthetics. Karen incorporated every experience she had into developing Farm Station for her patrons to enjoy: home-cooked meals, welcoming atmosphere, and a sense of belonging. She designed Farm Station for clients to reflect and share their stories, dreams, and life lessons with those around their table and enjoy the fresh cuisine created just for them.

We beckon you to enjoy in your home or ours.

Our Hours

Mon – Sat: 10am to 6pm

Sun: 10am to 2pm

Contact Us

540-680-FARM (3276)



7150 Farm Station Road,

Vint Hill, VA 20187

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